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Makassar in 2007, this seems already aged 400 years. To track back the history of the city berjuluk "City Daeng" and "City of Angingmammiri", the Government of Makassar on Saturday, June 30, 2007 that, in the Hotel Sahid Makassar, the National Seminar on the Year 400. "

Seminar with the theme "Menemukenali string and the History and Culture" is the 400 figures and some speakers.

Makassar is the name of the Kingdom of commercial seaport twin Gowa and Tallo. Kingdom of twin that bear the name and the Kingdom of Makassar.

Names have been mentioned in the codex, and the State Kertagama, written by mpu Prapanca, in 1364. Script is also the name Luwu, Bantaeng, and Selayar.

"Name a place called Makassar (in the script, red) have not been up to now can be identified," said the historian from the University of Hasanuddin (UNHAS), Edward L Poelinggomang.

In the tradition of seamen and merchants who trade to the Moluccas, the area of the island-pulaunya in the north of Sumbawa Island called by the name of Makassar.

Tradition of pronouncing the islands from the sea and traders, and then absorbed by Portuguese traders and seamen after the snatch and the occupied Malacca.

In a note Tome pores, disclosed that the Malay traders-traders informed of the shortest path in the voyage to the Moluccas, namely through the (Cortesao, 1944).

Information is encouraging Portuguese merchant seaman and the shipping line, so the map in nomadic seafaring Portuguese, Kalimantan Island is named "Island of the Great" (Gramdos ilha de Macazar), while the island of Sulawesi and the islands surrounding the "islands of Makassar (Ilhas dos Macazar).

In addition, the port city which is located on the west coast of Sulawesi is the place to cruise layover in Maluku, also provided the citation, such Siang Makassar, Makassar Bacukiki, Suppa Makassar, Makassar Sidenreng, Napo Makassar, Makassar and Tallo.

Edward L Poelinggoman said, the commercial seaport form of two commercial haven of the Kingdom of twin Gowa-Tallo, the drain of the Kingdom of Tallo Tallo, located in the coastal estuary Bira River (Sungai Tallo), and a haven from the Kingdom of Gowa Sombaopu located in the coastal creek Jeneberang.

Two neighboring kingdoms and succeeded in establishing the alliance in 1528, after going through pemufakatan conflict (war). Agreement that influence all the people and the kingdom of the two twin that, so that the phrase appears one of the people'', the two princes "(se'reji Or narua Karaeng).

Alliance that was built to unite the two kingdoms in the life of statesman, but still acknowledge the power of each of the kingdom.

Kingdom of Gowa placed as the holder of the power control of the kingdom of twin (sombaya), while King Tallo as officials Mangkubumi (tuma'bicara butta).

Building Wall and Benteng Defense

The war ended with the formation of alliance kingdom of Gowa-Tallo twin, based on the desire to change the kingdom of Gowa orientation of life to his kingdom of Agrarian maritime world in the period of Raja Gowa IX, Tumapa'risi 'Kallonna Daeng Matanre Karaeng Manguntungi (1510-1546).

Policy is implemented because the flow more and more migrants to the Malay traders after Malacca region occupied by the Portuguese in 1511.

"After two alliance kingdom, which are commanded by the historical king of the descendants of the same, the Kingdom of the Twin implement expansion of the conquered kingdoms coast and forcing them to trade with the commercial harbor and Tallo Sombaopu," said historian of UNHAS, Edward L Poelinggomang.

Raja Gowa to-10, I Manrigau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakiung Tunipallangga Ulaweng (1546-1565), who became King of Gowa pelanjut to-9, see the policy that provides less opportunity for progress in trade seaport kingdom twin Gowa-Tallo.

He then designed the conquest coastal kingdoms and kingdoms that have economic potential with the new policy, which forces kingdoms taklukan to abide and obey the King of Gowa X, and transport people and goods from the country taklukan, particularly in the spicy world trade maritime seaport to the Kingdom of Gowa-Tallo.

Due to the policy, the drain-haven trade that is in the coastal peninsula south into sirna, and there are only two commercial seaport, the seaport and the commercial seaport trade Tallo Sombaopu.

Both commercial seaport is physically as if already integrates and extends from the Bira River mouth (Tallo River) estuary to the River Jeneberang met by traders from various commercial seaport previously called Makassar.

That is then underlie the traders take the commercial harbor and Sombaopu Tallo called Bandar Makassar, and does not mention or Sombaopu Tallo Makassar Makassar.

Twin-Kingdom of Gowa and Tallo also called by the name of the Kingdom of Makassar, where the King of Gowa was a King, while King of Tallo Mangkubumi become the Head of Government or Kingdom.

Bandar Makassar and then developed and became the center of activity for the seamen and traders, including traders and seamen from Portugal in 1532, Dutch (VOC) in 1603, England in 1613, Spain in 1615, Denmark in 1618, and China in 1618.

"Gathering of traders in the harbor, was successful in improving the trading activities of the port city," Edward dust.

To protect the trade activities in the port city, the government built a number of the Kingdom of the bunker along the coast from the north Benteng Tallo to the most southern Benteng Barombong.

Besides the fort, along the coastal areas of the city also built a wall in front of a row boat and merchant ship from various kingdoms in Southeast Asia, China, and from Europe, while behind the wall also take trading activity, both in traditional markets, and in the homes trade.


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